The Background of High Source Textile

Since 1986, it has grown into an enterprise providing and producing finished fabric from the production of grey fabric in Taipei, Taiwan.
Since 1990, we have opened an office in Shanghai, China. As a manufacturer, we handle all the business of fabric development, manufacturing, circulation and customer service for all kinds of products. Our product range has also expanded from raw fabric to weaving, knitting and other fabric items related to daily life.
Since 2014, a new office has added in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to give customers a better experience and service.

The spirit of High Source textile

Since its start, "High Source Textile" has always been adhering to the strict choice of quality materials, abandoning unnecessary processes, providing the fastest delivery, and diligently producing "reasonable price of a good products". After more than 35 years now, High Source Textile further from the perspective of environmental protection will be better products and services to meet concrete, and show the concept of "sustainable".

high source
high source
WHAT WE DO FOR Sustainability
  • Organic cotton

    - Organic cotton

    GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) refers to cotton grown in fields more than three years after chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been stopped. Organic cotton cannot be grown with chemical fertilizers, Organic cotton is grown with the best use of natural weather conditions


    - Linen

    The linen surface is concave and convex with unique material aesthetic feeling. The main process is to harvest the ripe flax from root to leaf, wait for it to decay, leaving only the solid fibre, which is then spun into linen fabric. Linen fabric is the strongest textile after synthetic fibre, its fibre strength not easy to tear, scratch and worn down. The clothes made of linen are retro and breathable, and they loved deeply by the public.

    Recycle Poly

    - Recycling Poly

    Like conventional polyester, recycled polyester (RPET), which is a synthetic fabric made from recycled synthetic fibres, uses PET as the raw material. Recycling polyester, however, uses existing plastics and not new materials to make fabrics (such as petroleum).In many cases, that existing plastic is your old water bottle or plastic bag, and after processed it's spun into a string of yarns that can turned into fibres that can then be blended into the fabric. Then it magically turns into that amazing functional backpack next to your desk, and outdoor clothing like sportswear, casual wear, and down jackets.


    - EcoViscose/Rayon

    Viscose fibres are a sustainable alternative to cotton or polyester fibres; it is popular in the fashion world as a cheaper and more durable alternative to silk. It is commonly used in summer for pleated?dresses, short skirts, soft blouses, and velvets. Our choice of environmentally friendly is Modal Viscose, or Lenzing Viscose. It is less chemical fibres made from sustainably harvested Zelkova trees and environmentally friendly processing methods.

    Recycle Woolen wool

    - Recycle Woolen wool

    Wool is a natural fibre that provides heat preservation, warmth and long-term use. Producing new wool, however, is an expensive process. It needs a lot of lands to graze sheep, needs a lot of water to clean, and it also needs chemicals to scoured wool. But we use recycled wool to extend the life of used wool produced. Therefore, we can directly reduce part of the damage to the environment to make clothes as high quality as the original wool.

OUR PRODUCT High Source Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. It is a company mainly engaged in woven & knitted fabrics.
The company is a professional trading company for textile fabrics, providing Woven & Knitwear as the main shaft, and other kinds of textiles.
Our company has built a full set of professional services from?procurement of fabrics in China and abroad, from manufacture and sales of fabrics.
Its business scope covers both upstream and downstream of the textile industry.
To this end, we set up several branches in Shanghai, Taipei, Bangladesh and areas where the demand for fabrics concentrated, to strengthen the working power of the business.
At present, each company in the regions of High Source Textile is gradually building a response system that attaches importance to the timeliness, as to respond more quickly to the needs of each region and business partners.
We will be more accurate & faster than anywhere else to give customers "want to purchase specific fabric" requirements.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.
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